About Me:

I'm an ardent believer in the importance of good communication for the scientific enterprise, writ large. Whether it's academic publications, press releases for public consumption, or medical and scientific communications that support clinical development and commercialization in the pharmaceutical industry, clear and comprehensible writing is essential to realizing the goals of science⁠—and such clarity is very often in short supply.

I work in the medical writing industry by day, where I develop the documents needed to run clinical trials and concatenate data for health authorities. By night I moonlight as a freelance science writer, covering a wide range topics in biology, science communication, education, public policy, or whatever I happen to find interesting at the moment.

I'm a molecular biologist and geneticist by training, and back in the halcyon days of grad school I studied hormonal signaling and the epigenetics of transcription and chromatin structure. I also spent some time researching ways to promote scientific literacy among STEM students.

I'm always looking for new and interesting things to write about, so if you're looking for a freelancer please do reach out to me via my contact page

If you're interested in my professional background, have a look at my LinkedIn Profile.

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